2018-03-31, Il Pipistrello
With great pleasure I accepted the invitation from General Manager Mrs Zana Cela, to direct and choreograph The Bat for the Albanian National Opera in Tirana.
Opening on the 31st of March I will have the pleasure to share the work with the fashion designer Enada At Nicolla for the costumes and for the set designer Bashkim Zahaj.
Die Fledermaus

2018-10-31, Korean National Ballet
I am in Seoul this week for the presentation of the new work around the legendary figure of Mata Hari, designed will be by Carla Ricotti and Alessandro Camera.
Artistic Director Sue Jin Kang invited me to recreate for her company my first full length Ballet created for the Stuttgart Ballet.
One hundred years after the execution of Mata Hari, lots of documents and fact came out about her life and career and is a real challenge to step again into the life of this controversial figure of the beginning of the xx century.
Mata Hari