Vienna State Opera Ballet
Dance Magazine, March, 2004 by Clive Barnes

NOT ANOTHER Nutcracker? Well, actually, no; it was not just another Nutcracker on December 9, 2003. Renato Zanella's staging of the old chestnuts, parties, Christmas tree, and mushy snow classic is very different--bizarre, intriguing, enjoyable, and, yes, very different. Zanella has thrown out all, or almost all, of the old Petipa/Ivanov trappings. Now when this is done to Swan Lake or The Sleeping Beauty, as it often is, I will be among the first to shout sacrilege. But The Nutcracker, when so very little of the original Lev Ivanov choreography has been preserved, strikes me as fairer game....

..... there is a genuine freshness to Zanella's theatrical vision, and, despite misgivings, this Nutcracker proves great fun.....

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